Think back to the days where you tried to watch a movie on your already aging laptop. Maybe it was recent, maybe it was in school. But that distinctive dissonant sound, poorly reaching out from the ill-equipped speaker system is readily memorable. That same frustration was taken to heart by Iris Wu during her days at New York University. Now in Los Angeles, Wu has attracted some heavy-hitting investment partners for her brand new technology, Ambidio, which serves to eliminate that fractured sound with a unique and incredibly efficient approach - utilizing the users own natural neurological system.

Speaking with WIRED, Wu detailed her attempt watching Michael Bay's Tranformers film during college, becoming frustrated with the sounds coming from her laptop. "There were buildings falling down, robots running around, but compared to all this visual impact, the sound from my laptop was so tinny," she says. "I began to think about how I could get better sound from such a little device."

While numerous attempts to create realistic, enveloping sounds have been created, few have earned the appropriate buzz of Ambidio due to its unconventional methodology. Rather than focus on hardware, Ambidio is completely about the users own natural interaction with sound. Meaning it can work with virtually any sound-producing technology.

"We try to understand the whole process, how the brain interprets sound events," Wu explains. "For example, we actually keep monitoring the environmental sound all the time, and have the ability to choose what we want to focus on, and what we don't. Knowing these really help us to fine tune Ambidio, not only make the effect more compelling, but also make it work for everyone."

"The beauty of Ambidio is that it can provide a theatrical experience to any device – from VR headsets to soundbars," Wu boasts. "There’s nothing like that in the market right now."

Investment firm Horizon Ventures and musician/producer have already come on board for the project, as has lauded sound team Skywalker Sound, which has joined as a strategic advisor. For more information, head to the Ambidio website.