A couple of years ago, it was all about reinventing music on the go; now, it's all about reinventing music for your home. Following the trend, Apple has just unveiled its latest gadget.

HomePod is a smart speaker that features, among other things,"spatial awareness": it adapts to the environment it's in to adjust the music to its surroundings (sounds an awful lot like Sonos' Trueplay system).

The setup is done by holding an iPhone 5s or up next to it (similar to the method for the Airpods), and can also be used in pairs. It's obviously compatible with Apple Music, and also works with Siri, accessible via a six-microphone array -- definitely helpful not only for requests but also to ask questions about what is currently playing: "Siri, who wrote this song?"

HomePod is set to ship this December in the US, UK, and Australia, and is priced at $349.