The whole world may have tuned in to stream Apple's Fall Event at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium on Wednesday but just in case you weren't able to make the digital viewing party, we have some of the highlights for you:

1.) Apple Music has 17 million paid subscribers. That's good. It's not 39 million like Spotify but I'm sure exclusive releases like Chance The Rapper's Colouring Book and Frank Ocean's Blond haven't been hurting the service.

2.) Pokemon Go is coming to the Apple Watch. Sure, summer is over and people have things like school and jobs to go back to but who cares? Pokemon probably pop up there too, so throw caution to the wind and keep catching them.

3.) iPhone 7 Is Water-Resistant. For anyone who has ever dropped their phone in the toilet or a puddle or your pint of beer on Saturday night, you already know that this is probably the most revolutionary thing that Apple has ever done. We can't wait until next summer to see all your swimming Snapchats.

4.) The iPhone 7 Plus has two cameras. From now on, when photographers get granted accreditation to events, rather then changing lens, they can just use their iPhone. The game has been changed, my friends.

5.) Apple airpods exist. They are little alien-type cordless headphones that have finally eradicated the issue of tangled up knots that currently occupy the space of most of our headphones. The new issue will be trying not to loose the little things.

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