I thought this was going to be a lot more exciting, like Apple Music was going to be offering real high-quality audio à la Tidal — but no.

Instead, it's this: Whilst connected to Wi-Fi, Apple Music plays music at 256 kbps AAC, which is the same quality as an iTunes purchase. But here's a loss of quality when listening to music solely on cellular data; something Apple hope to fix with a new option that'll be gracing the streaming service with the introduction of iOS 9. There'll be a toggle to allow users the option to hear in better quality whilst listening courtesy of cellular data, however it will eat up a little more data than usual.

It will become available when the new OS arrives later this year (Autumn). Another change with the new launch will be the increase in iCloud storage from 25,000 to 100,000 songs. On a lighter note you won't need to wait for the update to enjoy asking Siri to play sound effects like fart noises, the sound of pain, bees buzzing, or a load of other stock sounds from the Apple Music library (thanks The Verge).

In other news, Apple is currently under the scrutiny of the Fair Trade Commission.

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