For a long time casinos have been hugely popular with millions of people around the world. First of all came land-based casinos and then with the introduction of the Internet, online casinos boomed. One thing that has always been common is the fact that the majority of casino games, especially slots, are based on luck and not ability or skill. It just required the player to put their money in and hit spin. They really didn’t have any influence over proceedings, the novelty was there was a chance of winning big.

Casinos do have games of skill such as blackjack, however, on the whole they are purely luck based and hence as times have gone on, some people have begun to lose interest in games where they are solely relying on luck. This is probably down to how big video and computer games have become over time. With computer games, you have to use skill in order to be successful. Not only that but we will in a modern world where there’s a competitive edge to most things and casino games are no different.

As casino technology improves in order to bring fresh content and ideas to the table, casinos have started to introduce skill-based games. These games mean that players can win money or battle for high scores etc. based on their skill and abilities rather than just plain old luck. You can certainly see the appeal of being able to profit from being good at a specific game or possessing skills that will guarantee you some sort of return. You could have been a master at Pac-Man for years, for example, and now you could financially gain from that.

Slot developers have always been looking at how they could not only attract new customers but also keep the existing ones playing and playing for longer. With games that are based purely on luck the amount of time somebody spends playing is going to be relatively short compared to when they’re playing a game where skill is required. Online casino operators acknowledge that it’s a great way to engage the player for a long time, add variety to service and enhance the player’s online gaming experience. This leads to a happy medium for both parties, as the customer has a better chance of winning and the house sees more people playing their games; which means they will gain more financially, due to the house edge that is common with all casino games.

Skill based games are a great idea for all online casinos to begin bringing in as it only makes for more options to choose from for their customers. Customers thrive on having a wide range of games available to play. Some tend to stick to what they know, so some will want to play games based purely on luck. That’s why it works so well as skill-based games aren’t replacing the traditional casino games, they’re just adding to them to make the whole experience a lot better. There will be something to suit everyone and being able to appeal to a bigger audience can only be a good thing.