Pleather, plastic, and just a little bit of metal come together to form what we can only describe as a quality headphone. Impressed as we were with the M50x, the ATH MSR7 is almost a super version. There's still bass - possibly just a scoach more than with the M50x, but the mids and highs are still there as well, and in all their glory.

Construction is top notch - if you were worried at all by the plasticky feel of Audio-Technica's cheaper headphones, these will leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling. The profile, too, is slimmer overall than their budget headphones, giving it even more points in the Quality Department. The headband seems tighter and more snug than the M50x. Not so much that it hurts your head, but enough that the headphones won't ever slip. That being said, they are extremely comfortable. I could do anything while wearing these headphones. Anything.


Unboxing these headphones is a joy: even the packaging screams sophistication and class.

They come with one standard short cord, one standard long cord, and one mic/remote short cord. This last inclusion is a huge step up for anyone who wants a commuter headphone, but was unimpressed with Audio-Technica's offerings of the past.

Of course, there is also the iconic leather bag/case for the headphones.The ATH-MSR7 comes in black with blue accents, or in gun-metal gray with brown leather and red accents. Both look snazzy, but I'd probably opt for the brown ones. The red and brown really work together.

Would I Recommend These headphones? Who Are They Best Suited For?

Yes and yes. A thousand times, yes. The ATH-MSR7 headphones take everything good about Audio-Technica and do it so, so much better. Audio-Technica says they are professional headphones for people who want to hear music the way it was meant to be heard.

Think of these puppies as pumped-up, pared-down, souped-out, ultra-bitching M50x headphones. In cooler color schemes. With better cables.

If you liked the M50x, get these headphones. You will like these more.

If you liked the idea behind the M50x but just couldn't get behind the execution, try these headphones. You will like these more.

If you hated everything about those M50x headphones, but maybe you're looking to turn your life around, research these headphones. You will like these more.

Carroll writes for He ís a huge fan of Grado, Audio-Technica and other audiophile brands. When he isn't writing about headphones, he likes to listen to bluegrass covers of rock songs and roll on the floor with dogs. Shameless Plug: When you pick these up from you'll get a free Bluetooth speaker with your order, which is just as awesome as these headphones.