The amount of new headphone technology hitting the market recently has been relentless, but perhaps the most engaging comes from Australian startup Nora.

After surpassing its initial funding goal on Kickstater, Nura plans to release the first public versions of its highly-optimized headsets in spring, 2017. The uniquely designed tech works on an incredibly personal scale, down to the user's own biology.

Hearing, like fingerprints, is actually specifically designed from person to person. While the majority of the function of the human ear is to capture outside sounds, ears do in fact produce independent sounds known as "otoacoustic emissions," according to The Verge. With the specified design and feedback from the Nura headphone, the technology analyzes and caters sound right down to the user's actual physical preference.

The seemingly odd design features an earbud and traditional over-the-ear headphone. The over-the-ear portion acts to deliver bass to the ear while clearing passage for mid and high-level sounds to work through the connected earbud.

Scientifically, the technology allows Nura to understand the response to the user's "inner ear" with an internal microphone to analyze the reactions within 30 seconds. "By processing these signals it works out how well specific frequencies of sound got through to your brain," the company writes. "Once they know this, they sonically mould to match your ears perfectly and provide rich, balanced sound for you."

Watch a demonstration of Nura below and head here to back the campaign.