Beats by Dr. Dre have just launched the Beats Studio3 Wireless, its most advanced model in terms of comfort and optimal noise isolation. The new headphones, which are instantly recognisable by their design, also feature an improved battery life that allows for 22 hours of playback.

"Beats Studio3 delivers with a level of sophistication in both technology and audio fidelity beyond anything we've ever brought to market," says Luke Wood, president of Beats by Dr. Dre. "Since our brand's inception, we've strived to fix the degradation of sound heightened by the commodification of consumer electronics. Now with the right vision, team and resources, we see technology enabling the perfect sound experience in Studio3."

The Beats Studio3 Wireless rely on Bluetooth connectivity which allows iPhone users to switch between music and conversation while the multi-function ear controls make skipping songs, calling Siri, and other actions a lot easier. They come in black, white, blue and red, as well as two special edition colours (porcelain rose and shadow grey), and are available as of today.