For anyone with an ounce of free time, catching up on all the good current television shows is nothing short of maddening. Certainly, services like Netflix and on-demand promotions by cable providers assists in this, but utilizing those features is limiting to what those services are offering at the time.

Utelly, a UK-based app, aims to consolidate that approach with its across-the-board service. The free app, now available in The App Store and Google Play, provides connectivity to services like: BBC iPlayer, 4oD, ITV player, 5 on demand, Amazon, Netflix, and iTunes. But users get to know all updated shows or services that they wish to follow, plus recommendations based off of viewing habits. And if a user doesn't like a show or falls out of love with one (we've all been there), they simply can cross it off their alert list. As a bonus for ease of use, the app has TV accessibility, so it can become a more usable remote for larger systems.

Currently, the app favors UK users, but the team behind it is making it more universal for U.S. audiences as well.