While the technology of wireless headphones and speakers has incrementally improved over the past several years, the prospect of sharing the same wireless sound with more than one person is still a bit lagging. HUB, produced by ekko, is aiming to curb that dilemma.

The company's brand new product, which is seeking funding over at Kickstarter, gives users perhaps the best option for wireless speaker and headphone connectivity to date. Tabbed as one of the best multi-room audio systems outside of Sonos, HUB "uses ultra-low latency Wi-Fi technology to stream real-time audio to multiple listeners. Its audiophile-grade quality is enough to satisfy the needs of the most demanding listeners, while its design is simple enough for the whole family to enjoy."

The system can work for more than four users with any set of headphones or speakers. Along with a mobile app, the device comes with four individual receivers for additional control. In addition to the built-in Wi-Fi, HUB comes with an automatic charging station, PC streamability, parental controls, lossless compression, almost five hours of wireless battery life, and more. In total, up to 10 users can use HUB at once.

HUB's RCA/Aux output allows the system to interact with virtually every streaming service available, from Pandora to Spotify to video game systems and more. And for those who want a smaller version, a HUB mini will also be available.

Head over to the Kickstarter campaign for more details on the product and pledge away.