For those interested in learning about synth music production, or for those who are already familiar and just want another new toy, Czech synthesizer company Bastl Instruments has a brand new mini, modular open source synth soon to be on the market with The Kastle.

Running on three AA batteries, the device only costs €65.60 ($73 USD). Users can modify the two included Attiny 85 chips on the device with Arduino, another open-source electronic platform, but it can be used as is. The two aforementioned chips control sound generation and modulation, but there's an option for even more personal modification if the user chooses to swap the chips out entirely.

Standard on the device are three modes: phase distortion, phase modulation, and track and hold modulation. The included cables can alter the pitch, timbre, wave shape, and LFO controls as well as attach to other gear, which is more accurately portrayed in the demonstration video below.