Spotify Discover not really doing it for you? Or is it suggesting above the RDA of Morrissey? Well, don't fret as Happy Track is a cure to the constant sadness (I'm not against lonely tracks; I'm just saying, maybe morose is not what you need on the underground these days in a post-Brexit world)

Happy Track is currently only available on iOS and the premise is simple: the app sends you an uplifting track every day without fail. Stubbed your toe on the plug socket whilst leaving the shower? Happy Track can help you there. Burnt your tie and toast again whilst rushing out? Happy Track could... could perk you right up. It's not just happiness that the application provides as well as Happy Track provides another buoyancy raft in this sea of music streaming services.

That's right. Happy Track is a music discovery engine as well as a having a happy puppy in your pocket. It's free so why not give it a go.