The Dunu Falcon-C comes packaged with eleven pairs of ear tips, an airline adapter, a 1/4'' stereo adapter, and a nang hardshell case that holds these accessories, plus the earphones.

The 'phones themselves sport an ergonomic design that matches the contours of the ear, while a durable 1.2 m (4 ft) braided removable cable utilizes MMCX connectors.

Overall, build quality is fairly stalwart, and you could easily put these earphones through quite a beating without seeing a degradation in performance.


Frequency Range: 10-40,000 Hz
Impedance: 16 ohms
Sound Pressure Level (SPL): 108 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): NA

The specs reveal a surprisingly large frequency range and a low nominal impedance, rendering these headphones an excellent companion to a low-output device like a phone, computer, or personal audio player. An SPL of 108 dB means adequate volume will never be an issue, either. Finally, while DUNU doesn't rate the distortion, I'd bet it's no more than <0.3%, tops - even for an in-ear headphone, the Falcon-C remains relatively clean.

Low End

The low end of the DUNU Falcon-C houses some well-controlled bass, powerful but never too powerful. Details can at times seem a bit skimpy, but decent control with minimal bleed translates to an overall clean sound. Suffice to say, it's more than decent and able to handle just about anything you could throw at it.


Slight distortion in the upper mids jumps out at me here, but there's still loads of detail to be heard. For the price point, this slightly-lacking midrange remains far from being a deal-breaker. Indeed, for the $219 price tag, it's still an impressive midrange.

High End

Bright with strong detail, the high end of the Falcon-C never becomes too piercing or uncomfortable. Instead, the sound tends to land on the more-relaxed or more-subdued side. For those who prefer a richer high end, this may not be too welcome, but for fans of a lighter high end, the sound is sure to impress.


Like most in-ear headphones, the DUNU Falcon-C lacks an impressive sense of soundstage. Sure, there's some minor placement and depth at play here, but not enough to truly appear as a realistic soundstage. Still, for the price, it's about what we would expect from an earphone.

Other Observations

The sound strikes me as being overall restrained - not too powerful in any one area, but lending itself equally to all tasks. The Falcon-C isn't a speciality earphone, but a well-rounded jack-of-all-trades that handles most tracks with surprising ease.


For those seeking more intense highs or lows, options abound. However, as a mid-rich all-rounder, the DUNU Falcon-C clobbers its competition at the $219 price point. Really, it's the price that makes this headphone such an enticing deal - few other headphones at this price can offer such a well-rounded frequency range without some blemishes in the lows or highs.

Final Analysis

Where general quality of build and sound is concerned, the DUNU Falcon-C soars above the competition, delivering a heady listening experience that is well worth the $219 price tag.

Carroll Moore is a Tech lover and audiophile headphone enthusiast, photographer and writer for the likes of Audio46.