Estelon have just unveiled the latest model in their X-Series: Estelon XB is a high fidelity speaker designed for smaller rooms, which allows for the customary sound quality that is the brand's trademark while transforming each environment into an intimate audio experience.

The new Estelon XB shares the E-ion shape with Estelon XA and Estelon X Diamond, turning it into a must-have piece of design that also provides the listener with very defined audio dynamics. In addition to the 220 mm German made Accuton bass driver which uses a special ultra stiff ceramic there's the mid-bass unit, which provides maximum freedom from dynamic compression, and a new 25 mm high-frequency driver with ultra hard ceramic dome and no ferrofluid filling.

You can learn more about the Estelon XB (and buy it, if you happen to have €28,000 lying around) here.