For years, Facebook has been tooling with the idea for an informal market system. Considering the user base of 450 million people per month, it's not a stretch to assume the social media app could also take on Craigslist and Ebay as competition, but the direct implementation hadn't been put forward outside of sales in Groups. Until today, when the company formally announced the soon-to-be launched Marketplace feature.

Users that open the app will soon notice the tiny icon in the bottom corner, which will direct them to users who put their items up for sale. Those using the app can browse the local area or specific product categories, such as electronics or apparel. Once users find an item they're interested in, they can click on the item and see a general description, including a price and pickup location (TNW notes that this may be a bit too private, considering most people using the service will likely make their homes the pickup location).

As it launches, Marketplace will only serve those buying and selling items, not services. Also, there's no direct method of payment, probably consider sellers will have their own specific preferences. Marketplace will first launch for 18-and-older users in the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand first on iOS and Android, with desktop and other country expansions coming soon after.