Much like Real Madrid vs. Barcelona or Manchester United vs. Manchester City, the beautiful game has a distinctive rivalry in the world of video games - FIFA vs. Pro Evolution Soccer (PES). What are the strengths of each franchise? Which game is ultimately the best option to pick?


Originally created in 1993 as ‘FIFA International Soccer’, the game has become synonymous with soccer and video games. Selling millions of copies with each annual release, FIFA has now become a maintain in the world of eSports. Leagues such as the Premier League and MLS have even gone as far as creating organized leagues tied to their existing teams; gamers signing contracts to represent their favorite club. Fans can now bet on not only the actual matches, but the video game representations of them as well using usbettingcodes.

What makes FIFA so strong is their library of licensing rights - the majority of leagues around the world, the World Cup and the UEFA Champions League. Players have the ability to play with the authentic version of their favorite stars and teams. FIFA excels in game graphics and the overall presentation of matches. The legendary game also comes out on top in the variety of game modes it offers. Football Ultimate Team (FUT) has become a main component of individual and online play, as users collect and build mega teams. In recent years EA Sports expanded beyond the normal career mode, adding ‘The Journey’ a single player campaign which puts you in the story following along as a young prospect on the rise from an academy to the Champions League.

Pro Evolution Soccer

While the name may have changed, PES has been battling FIFA for video game dominance since 1995. Where FIFA strides ahead in league deals and game modes, PES shines in the fundamentals of the game. Playing style has been a core reason for the franchise’s avid fan base, and it continues to strive ahead in creating a realistic, but enjoyable individual and team game.

Lacking the rights to big name leagues, clubs and players, led to PES’ impressive user customization package. Players can create new teams, add new players to teams, or move clubs around the world. Want to put your local club in the Premier League or move Arsenal to La Liga - you can in PES (just minus the actual league branding).

Overall, playing PES you’ll find the game more enjoyable and simplistic, if you can get over the fact that the player names and team badges aren’t the real thing. However, the club has started partnering with big clubs, such as Liverpool and Barcelona, which should offer unique features to fans of those clubs in the years ahead.

The Verdict?

Based on the two franchises’ history, global support, and strengths, which one do you think comes out on top? Does Juventus or Tottenham have better odds of winning the Champions League this year? Well for that you could compare the bookmakers here. But we’ve got the video game decision for you.

Ultimately, FIFA will be the best choice for the majority of gamers. Whether you are playing individually and want to have the real team names and details, are looking for a variety of game modes, or prefer online competitive play across a variety of modes, the FIFA series is the champion. If you prefer a soccer video game with a bit more simplicity in the set up and in the controls, PES focuses on creating an accessible game that gets away from collecting cards or feeling online centric.