If you tend to destroy everything around you once strap on those VR glasses, rejoice! Mosh Pit Simulator will actually put your clumsiness to good use.

The game was developed by Sos Sosowski and it revolves around "brainless, boneless humanoid creatures" that wander around in jerky movements; although they're completely harmless, the aim of the game is to destroy these "zombies" who have taken over a city of about one square metre, which is all yours to explore and destroy. You can even build stuff to destroy later, it's insane.

As it's a VR game, you can interact with objects in a way that would never be possible in the real world, adding to the chaotic madness of a plot involving a mad scientist who decides that "bones are the bane of humanity and in an effort to get of all the bones in the world, he develops a special toxin." Except that along the way autocorrect changes "bones" to "brains" and this happens.

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