It was a late Wednesday afternoon when I realised, "I wonder how alike I am to the lead singers of The Pet Shop Boys" before finding out that I'm nothing like them - thanks corner shop owner. However, there is an app out there that will let you know if any artist, producer, band or whatever have worked together. It's like a Kevin Bacon application but for artists. Say hello, to Who Sampled.

WhoSampled allows you to find those forgotten moments of collaboration by supplying a simple yet effective premise: enter two names, we'll do the rest. The site claims to have already indexed close to 400,000 songs from some 134,00 artists (big numbers there, right?) but that alone is not the ace up its sleeve; community is. WhoSampled have also let on that its team of content contributors, some 15,000 individuals, are also adding new tracking and information daily.

You can find WhoSampled here and if you have any time on your hands, try and find the 6th degree of collaboration. I dare you.