Those who dabble in music production are readily aware of how intrinsically difficult it can be to operate music production gear without much prior knowledge. For many, there isn't an "easy" way to get into it, whether that means producing and editing music is a hobby or an aspiring profession. Luckily, there are newer ways to get further along like the new Fi Station.

Starting at a modest $349, generally less expensive than most production equipment, the tablet-like Fi Station comes with either a 9.7” or 11.6" screen and is already pre-programmed to work with Android, iOS, Mac/PC apps and software. Encased in all-metal, the station comes complete with numerous ports necessary for A/V use, making it possible to mix high-quality audio, edit 4K video, karaoke, DJing, and plenty more.

"Sometimes you find yourself needing to buy several products to meet your different needs – you might need a professional sound card to record, a Hi-Fi player to listen back to lossless audio, and a separate TV box to play HD videos - and even after you’ve bought all of these separate products, you’ll find that very few of them are compatible with each other," says Fay Wong, Founder & CTO of Fihifi. "That’s why we created the Fi Station – an easy-to-use product that can be used in different scenarios, with high quality input and output capabilities, neatly wrapped up in a stylish design."

The included ports allow for: a TF card carrying up to 128GB of memory; HDMI 2.0; two USB outputs; an M-link to connect to computers, tablets, and smartphones; and more. The system operates on Android 5.1.1. Lollipop. The LED backlit screen allows for up to 3840 x 2160 display resolution and Full HD 4:3 & 16:9 resolution for video. The included storage varies between 32GB or 64GB storage, with 4GB of memory. As well, the included Fi app can control a Mic, headphones, input/output channel volume and pan, audio sample rate, and delay settings.

Head over to the Fi website for more information and order one at Indiegogo.