Currently smashing its $10,000 goal over at Kickstarter is the SoundBrake headphone attachment by Sundae Electronics.

We've seen a few audio companies take into account outside noise - Gibson's Trainer TH100 wireless headphone's have their 'Safesound' technology for example - but most of them rely on letting noise in, which is great from a safety perspective (those particular headphones were developed in partnership with Usain Bolt, so running was taken into account) but not so great if you're looking for clarity. SoundBrake is different in the sense that it does all the work for you, silencing your audio when the outside world requires your attention.

The process is simple: SoundBrake sets a volume alert higher than your current average background noise level - or higher than your loudest noise level, depending on which setting you opt for (you can also increase/decrease those levels using the HI and LO buttons) - and if something jumps above that set volume level, the audio is silenced for you. Great for runners, obviously, but that's just the beginning. I've missed quite a few postal deliveries due to being immersed in music, so this could solve that issue.

In terms of pricing, you're looking at $49 (the early bird prices ranged from $19-$39, but they've all gone now) - which isn't too bad given the fact that it can be used with whatever pair of headphones you currently have (well... not wireless ones, unless they have an external transmitter). The micro-USB charged battery provides you with an estimated 100 hours of usage on a single charge, which is also pretty impressive.

This might not be the most essential purchase you'll make in your life, but that's not the point of a 'gadget'. A gadget is supposed to make your life better, or make you smile, no matter how small. This did both during our testing.

You can support the project by heading here.