Grooveshark: The illegal engine that could.

Following a lengthy legal battle, the notorious music sharing site was finally shut down at the beginning of May. However, in a sense of ingenuity (or desperation), a few ex operators managed to back up 90 percent of the site's original content and simply move it to a different but similar domain However, that site has been recently hammered back as well.

Not too quickly after the new Grooveshark domain emerged, the same labels that shut down the original site successful battled back, according to TorrentFreak. Swiftly, and somewhat predictably, Grooveshark fought back again and brought out the brand new

“I have one message for those responsible for this hostile take over: You will not stop us. We won’t give in to this type of bullying,” the service informed TorrentFreak. “On the contrary! The harder you come at us the stronger we’ll fight, and now after this hit we’re more determined than ever to keep Grooveshark alive and kicking.”

How long these moves will continue remains to be seen.