Lately, it's been really entertaining to see people online talking about how we really are living in one big episode of Black Mirror. And it just keeps getting worse. Because, on top of everything else we have to worry about, it's been reported that hackers can use tools like your own headphones to spy on you, according to a new study.

Ben-Gurion University in Isreal developed a new code that makes it possible for hackers to turn headphones in microphones and use them to record audio, even if you've gone and disabled the internal mic in your computer. Headphones are made with the same electromagnetic principles as mics, making it an easy transition, even without user's knowledge.

Changing the RealTek audio codec chips found in computers from output to input "allow[s] the malware to record audio even when the headphones remain connected into an output-only jack and don’t even have a microphone channel on their plug," according to Wired. The only way to stop this is to replace the RealTek chip in future computers. Currently, they're looking into whether the same can be done with cellphones.