Technological revolutions have enhanced our day to day lives in ways we can’t even begin to describe. If you take a moment and really think about technology 10 years ago, you might find yourself listing things that have evolved to make things easier and faster all while introducing features that we never knew would exist. Think about when films such as Back to the Future were released, there were many technological items that no one at the time though would be possible, yet when we watch it today it seems almost as if it was released in modern day and some of that technology almost seems old already.

There are so many devices that form part of our daily lives that we swear we cannot go without. Things like smartphones, GPS navigation, Google and much more that we didn’t have just a few decades ago. So many of us don’t understand how people went on without these things, how they communicated with friends from around the world, how they found their way around in other countries or how you got information about specific things.

The world has evolved in so many ways and while we think we have it all, can you imagine the technology advancements a few decades from now? Would smartphones still be a required? Would you simply get in your car and tell it to drive you to work without having to use a GPS?

Of course, there are hundreds of questions we can all ask when considering the future, but even the technology of today is enough to amaze anyone. The internet has created so many new possibilities and allows us to educate ourselves on various things and have direct real-time access to a large variety of features we could’ve never dreamt about just 2 or 3 decades ago.

If there’s one evolution that covers a large section of technology, it has to be casinos. To most, casinos and the games they offer is considered to follow the same trends as regular PC games, which is still amazing, but when you really go into detail about the advancements the casino industry has taken, you’ll find it’s in a league of its own.

How Casino Technology Has Evolved

Prior to 1994, to play casino games you had to travel to a land-based establishment, could only play a limited amount of games and casinos had the upper-hand when it comes to betting values. However, at the time, it was good enough as we didn’t know about anything better, it was the only form of gambling available and it all seemed within reason, including the payout percentage of around 85% on slots and huge minimum bets and low limits on tables.

The mid 90’s didn’t change all that much to the facts mentioned above as internet speeds were still very limited and trust within the online market was still a major question to the standard user. In fact, most wouldn’t dare to use personal details online, never mind supplying a casino with bank details.

In the 2000’s, things became a lot better as more and more game developers became available and the graphical enhancements took a turn that land-based casinos simply couldn’t keep up with. The biggest attraction was the incredibly high payout percentage, which added almost 10% in your favor, making it possible to win easier while games offered a much larger variety of features, titles, game styles and much more.

Just after 2010, even more advancements took to the stage for online casinos, which includes the beginning of animations, HTML5 mobile opportunities and online security that allows players to security deposit and withdraw funds to an online casino.

Not long after, we saw the first variation of live dealer games, which presents the most realistic table game experience with an actual dealer on your screen. By this time, slots have become a lot more advanced, offering 3D animations, multiple bonus features and technology that allows mobile gaming via tablets and smartphones.

Today, we enjoy all those features and have the advantage of playing games from just about any device. We have access to much lower house edges, fair games, incredible graphics and so much more, but is this it? Is this how good casino games would get?

It doesn’t matter what aspect of casino games you consider, the answer is no. Even with the technology enhancements mentioned above, it’s becoming old quickly as developers from casino games and electronics constantly discover new ways to enhance the use experience.

Casino Technology of Today and the Future

Virtual reality has become a major focus for gaming of all sorts. It introduces a whole new world of opportunities, not only for the user, but for developers as well. Software companies such as NetEnt and Microgaming have already created games that function with virtual reality, including Gonzo’s Quest from NetEnt and a live dealer gaming experience from Microgaming.

This might only be the beginning, but with the way technology is moving rapidly, we’ll soon be able to step into a virtual online casino, walk through the games and choose the titles we’re most interested in. Table games are to be one of the most exciting as you’ll be able to look around, talk to other players and meet up with friends on the casino floor, did someone say multiplayer poker with just your friends? Or a casino tournament that introduces new bonus features that allow you to play in first person?

The world of virtual reality certain opens the doors to a whole new range of gaming features. For all we know, we might find ourselves moving away from the regular slot reels and rather to adventure style games that reward based on your actions. Microgaming already introduces a virtual table game experience that takes out to outer space where robots present the games.

The fact is, online casinos have already introduced such a magnificent gaming experience in compression to land-based casinos and now we’ll see how virtual reality once again enhances the casino industry to provide the next best thing. Imagine the gaming opportunities available a decade from now, how old the latest technology today would be considered old news then.