Online shopping has experienced a lot of growth in the last couple of years. The online shops and online payment solutions are becoming more and more secure daily, enforcing trust to the customers. Because of the increased number of online sales predicted for the future, investing resources into shopping app development should be a priority for any online business.

The mobile industry is starting to gain a lot of strength, many people picking a smartphone over a personal computer as the main device. Online commerce is a competitive environment but, the market for shopping apps presents a lot of untapped potentials.

As a business, especially one that deals in commerce, owning an online shopping application could represent a game-changing advantage. Because the development part is an essential one, we will showcase in this article how you can create an online shopping app.

Why You Need It?

People are starting to become busier as days go by, offline shopping representing less of a priority for most people with career goals. Because of the increased level of comfort provided by online shopping, this industry is only going to keep on growing in the years to come.

Combining e-commerce with mobile applications is going to be an effective strategy to acquire customers for businesses in the following years. If you already have a website for e-commerce, building a shopping app is the next thing to do.

Such mobile applications can allow businesses to tap into a new audience, at a minimal cost and take advantage of all the benefits that come with an app.

However, if you are not already taking part in e-commerce but, you are involved in offline sales then, this might represent the best way for you to enter this space. Even if websites are useful for local businesses, an app provides more functionalities to the end user.

Through a local shopping application, your clients would be able to get notified whenever they are near one of your shops. Moreover, you would be able to send them discounts and promotions, directly through that application, making sure that your message is heard.

How to Build It

Even if the actual building part of the shopping app sounds like the hard thing, if you have a clear vision of how you want your app to look like, everything will go a lot smoother.

First, assuming that you’ve picked a niche already, you should start planning your app’s features. One of the most important features to have is user registration. Without this feature, the whole shopping application is pointless since it would be inconvenient for users to buy your products.

You would also need to have a product catalog relevant to your niche to generate sales. Once people are decided to buy something, they must be able to pay within the app. Integrating a payment gateway like Apple Pay, Google Pay or PayPal represents a must.

Other essential features present in all shopping apps are a wish list, a shopping basket, and a search bar. All of these small features are crucial for the user experience. A map, for land-based stores, push-notifications, and a shipment tracking system, represent a few other features that might give you a competitive advantage.

Once you’ve got all of the features figured out, it is time to put them into code. The aspect of the app is one of the most important things. An app with a great design will keep your potential customers online for longer.

Picking the right platform for your app is also something essential to think about. Even if it might be more complicated, we advise building your app cross-platform, making it available for all mobile operating systems. This will allow you to tap into the whole potential of the mobile online shopping market.

Now that you have all that figured out, releasing it on the shops, and driving traffic is all you’ve got left to do.


The use-cases for shopping applications are endless, presenting a great opportunity regardless if you are an already existing commerce business, an enthusiastic entrepreneur, or a known brand that sells services as a secondary income source.

By figuring out the desired features of your app, putting them into code, creating an outstanding design and building a great marketing strategy will allow you to build a successful shopping application.