Are you panic-stricken because you lost your Android phone? Well, what you need to understand at this point in time is that panic will not get you anywhere. You need to think about a solution with a stress-free state of mind.

You need to have a plan. If your phone has a tracker app installed, then you can trace it using another target device. Ideally, you should have a tracker app installed on your phone, and you can look through this to make the best pick. You can get insight into the features of the available apps through the reviews.

Now, the problem is that you need to have some other solutions available also in case your mobile does not have a tracker app. We will look at some additional solutions here.

Finding your lost Android Phone

Track your Android phone through Find My Device

If you lost your phone, then it will need a working internet connection so that it becomes easy to transmit the location. The good news is that you can find your lost Android phone with Google and its services.

However, there are some pre-requisites. It is essential that your lost phone should have a connection with a Google account. Find My Device should be on by default. If you are wondering what is Find My Device, then let us inform you that it is a tracking tool offered by Google.

With Find My Device you can recover your lost phone even if you do not have a tracking device installed on your phone. Secondly, when you have an active internet connection, then you have to do is visit the Find My Device website. It is essential that you must be logged into the Google account when accessing the website.

Recently, Google implemented some features in its search results as well. The benefit of this feature is that you can find an Android device by looking at the search results provided the device is registered. You need to type the phrase where is my phone, and Google will display a map before the search results to give you an idea about the location of your phone.

Get hold of your lost phone through Google Location History

Again, if you want to find your phone using Google Location History, then it is essential that you must have an active internet connection. It is also mandatory that your device must have a connection with your Google account.

Location History and Location Reporting needs to be active on your phone. If you want to make use of the Timeline feature to track the location of your phone, then you need to keep one thing in mind.

You will not get the exact location of the lost Android phone. The Timeline will offer you information from different sources that can help you track the phone location. You should follow a regular ritual when using your Android phone.

The Timeline should have the current day selected in the calendar so that you can get access to precise information. When you use the Timeline feature to get information about the location history, then on the left sidebar you will see the complete timeline of the day.

The information will include recorded location names. On the right side, you can see the visual maps of the locations.

Make sure that you cash out on these Google features and this way you can recover your phone in no time. However, make sure that you develop a complete understanding of these features before you put them to use. Try Google tracking features now.