The seemingly endless world of wireless speakers is often marred by a bevy of underwhelming, cheap products. Too often the design of the product is shockingly limited, diluting sound and connectability. Several companies have begun to master the technology, such as Sonos, but there's still progress to be made across the board. Now, little-known tech production company Crazybaby aims to bring the technology even further with its brand new Kickstarter campaign for its Luna speaker.

The simple, clever Luna speaker boasts an indelible, attractive spherical design. The company utilized the often difficult process of cold forging technology, rather than the traditional molding process most speaker and tech companies use. The result reinforces the quality of the speaker, making it structurally stronger and potentially last longer.

The endearing part of the design, however, isn't simply in the admittedly nifty physical presence. Rather, it's Luna's provincial purpose - providing the world's first telescopic wireless speaker experience. Every device features a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth wireless module and powerful MESHNET network technology. The latter of which allows Luna to work in 32 separate rooms with an entirely private connection. The sheer adaptability of the technology, which features a native interface that can be used with any Wi-Fi connection, is the impressive commitment to sound quality. The inner-workings of Luna features extensively limit distortion, air disturbances, and more difficult interference features that often plague other wireless speakers.

Crazybaby aims to bring in $100,000 of backing funds and is over three-quarters of the way there. Most of the lesser-priced pledge offers are already booked, but several more remain available. Check out the team's Kickstarter page for more details.