Combating stress often feels like a full-time duty. Many of those who suffer from various forms of stress also, unfortunately, develop similar psychologically debilitating ailments like depression, anxiety, insomnia. And once it's begun it becomes increasingly difficult to treat. Fortunately, there are several proven methods, among which include the brand new headphone technology Melomind.

Approved by a litany of members in the field of neuroscience, Melomind was developed by myBrain Technologies. It works by generating an audio landscape that "responds to your brainwaves in real-time." This helps create a feedback loop according to the myBrain Technologies Kickstarter campaign for the headset.

"Regulating the music by relaxing activates one of your brain's amazing abilities: its neuroplasticity," the team writes. "Your brain adapts and strengthens itself when you learn to relax. Simple, right?"

Designed acutely to the comfort of the user, Melomind is also built-in with an app created to help coach the listener along the way, developed by USERStudio "The app also tracks your progress over time, understanding your brain's needs and adapting its functions to you according to the way you use it."

The Kickstarter campaign has already well-surpassed its initial funding goal with more than a month to go. Check out the page for funding details and take the chance to contribute to the project.