Spanish designers Jorge Leria and William Viana, using the expansive capabilities of the iPhone 6 and new iPhone 6S camera, have begun a Kickstarter campaign for their visionary new tool entitled SHOT.

SHOT allows users to attach the physical camera lens to the front and back cameras for a more virtual reality shooting capability. The pieces allow the users to create 360 degree photos but is limited to 235 degree video because the iPhone cannot operate both front and back lenses at the same time. However, because of the wide angle of the cameras, it can expand beyond the traditional 180 degree view.

"It is as easy as opening the app, slide the lens attachment and start recording and sharing immersive videos and photos in one shot," reads the campaign. "The interface is similar to other apps like Instagram or Vine. Combined with a virtual reality headset, the Shot app allows you to look around and experience your photos and videos in a totally different way."

As well, the project will come complete with a carboard headset to allow the user to become more immersed in the virtual reality experience. The designers are currently seeking €90,000 for the project, which currently sits above €20,000. Head to the campaign page for more information and pledging details.