The marketing direction for Apple's signature products has effectively shifted away from the iPod, the company's early 2000s mainstay. But that doesn't mean the media giant is giving up on its foundational product just yet.

The company recently rolled out updates for its line of iPods, including the Nano, Shuffle, and Touch. The latter of which received the heftiest amount of updates. According to Engadget, not only will the models be given a more varying color-scheme, but the internal hardware and software for the product has been updated to match the company's other big productions, like its iPhone and iPad.

"Internals-wise," the article explains, "the new iPod comes with the 64-bit A8 CPU that you find in the iPhone 6, paired with the M8 motion co-processor that'll please the fitness enthusiast in your life." That M8 motion co-processor was first introduced with last year's unveiling of the iPhone 6, which allows the user to integrate its usefulness into fitness apps, like the step-tracker.

Additionally, the touch will now perform faster with the inclusion of the A8 64-bit chip (performing 10-times faster than before, according to Apple), come equipped with an 8 iSight megapixel rear camera, and have improved wi-fi connections. According to The Verge, prices for the 16GB model will begin at $199 USD and range upwards of $399 for the 128GB model.

According to the Wall Street Journal, "Apple shares rose 1.1% to $126.74 in recent trading." Explore the new updates for the products at the Apple Store.

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