Concert goers and musicians alike are awfully familiar with the daunting and ever-present issue of long-standing ear damage. It's unavoidable, to an extent, but readily accepted as part of the lifestyle. Ear plugs of course mitigate certain damage and are a necessity for the live performer. But plugs aren't exactly foolproof.

Founder and inventor Davies Roberts, creator of ISOLATE, has attempted to cure that issue. His brand new simple technology resembles a common ear bud, but is one of the strongest defenses against ear damage. The uniqueness of ISOLATE is in the use of metal, which has been avoided in ear plug defense designs because metal is usually a conductor for sounds, rather than a deferent. Roberts' design uses metal, however, without a direct connection - all but eliminating all sounds coming into the ear.

The two ISOLATE models - ISOLATE and ISOLATE PRO - prevent potentially ear-damaging sounds at live events but don't actually muffle the qualify of sound coming in. Rather, ISOLATE allows sounds to come in through bone conduction, which is clearer and safer than traditional plugs. This means the design can also work with sleeping, operating loud machinery, other loud events, and more.

Head to the Kickstarter campaign to get more details on the creation and numerous pledging options. The campaign has already well-surpassed its initial start-up goal, so shipping is set to begin in September. Buy-in options begin as low as £23 ($31 USD).