It's almost certain that we all have something haunting us from our online past. Maybe it's an embarrassing Myspace profile from your emo days in high school or questionable college party photos somewhere on Facebook, ready to pop back up at some point. The internet has the brain of an elephant and as we all grew up with our lives displayed on the internet, there are obviously things we all regret posting. So now you can delete it.

It's now possible to manually remove yourself from sites you don't want to be on thanks to Swedish website It gives you the opportunity to clean up your online footprint by collecting and deleting old accounts. All you do is sign in with your Google account details and the site finds all your old profiles for you. Using Google's OAuth protocol, it will be able to access the data before offering you the option of deleting it.

The UK government just passed an Investigatory Powers Bill, which offers security services and police forces the power to access your data for investigations. So now may be a good time to clean things up.