"New year, new you," right? Statistically, the most broken new year's resolutions are the ones that focus on health. As the clock struck midnight on the 31st December, you emphatically announced (internally or externally) that this would be the year that you drop that spare tyre from around your waist without actually thinking of how you're going to do that. February's about to hit and you're wondering where it all went wrong; how did you fall off that wagon? If that sounds like you, then let me introduce you to the UP3 by Jawbone. A wearable that has helped me keep to my resolution through the month and build a foundation on which to build a better, healthier me.

Health wearables have had a boom in recent years and Jawbone were one of the first (apart from the Misfit Shine) to bring them to the mass market with the UP24, a neat yet incomplete wristband that made healthy wristbands slightly more fashion conscious and less glorified step-counter.

The UP3 is a step in the right direction for the brand and whilst the market continues to be oversaturated, the new features will appease the most health conscious and those just starting out. The UP3 adds a heart rate sensor, skin and ambient temperature sensors, and galvanic skin response measurements to the already established sleep and activity tracking functionality. There's now enough data given to you on a daily basis to satisfy any obsessed fitness nut if that's what floats your boat.

What matters to most though is the price, how it feels and is that data any use?

The Price

The Jawbone UP3 is priced around the £60 mark at all good retailers. This is not going to cause a severe dent on the wallet when you consider that the Fitbit Charge 2 retails at £129.99 whilst the Under Armour Band will take £160 out of your wallet without caring or calling you back.

The UP3 is perfect for someone wanting to kickstart their routine or to help them get into one and the price reflects that.


The UP24 had a strange overlapping design that sometimes felt as flimsy yet strong. Throw your hands up in the air to Justice and dance for 12 hours, the wristband stayed on. Lean over a sink to reach washing up liquid, the band fell off to its doom. The new design feels and acts more like a watch strap however the clasp, albeit confusing initially, suffers from the same problems as the UP24. There were instances where the clasp mysteriously opened, causing the wristband to just drop off. It's a worry when jogging as the band can slip off before you realise it's gone.

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The major change is the lack of buttons but the inclusion of more 'prod' sensors. It's tough to type with so there will be times that you need to take the band off, not perfect for an item you want on you at all times. The removal of the physical selectors makes the overall design of the strap a lot sleeker as Jawbone now make all interactions occur either automatically (detecting sleep) or through the partnered application.

The application

Jawbone have always excelled with the application that partners their fitness wearable, it's like they listen to consumer feedback instead of just trying to push UX without reason. I'm looking at you Microsoft.

The journey from setup to routinely checking your sleep patterns is sleek and every necessary step is within two screens and 'The Smart Coach' functionality available in the home screen feed gives you enough of a prod to realise that you are changing and a new routine is being formed. It's why the majority of fitness resolutionists fail; they just can't create or keep the habit. The UP3 helps you there and it's why it's more than just a wearable.


UP3 is a perfect investment for those who are wanting to get moving but need a slight hand holding. UP3 is your best bet at "new year, new you."