Jay Z has been trying to throw his hat into the music streaming ring for quite a while. We reported in January that the Swedish streaming service Aspiro were set to accept his bid to purchase them, but then as soon as last week it looked like that wasn't the case anymore - they "questioned the valuation and the amount of money the rapper would bring for the company's international expansion".

One of the chairmen of Aspiro's independent board committee disagreed, however, and voiced his concern if they were to block the bid, saying "In my opinion, the recommendation to not accept the offer involves high risk, as it is well known that Aspiro is currently unprofitable and in need of capital within 12 months, and the current majority shareholder has indicated it is not willing to support this capital need."

He's finally gotten his way - Billboard (courtesy of Swedish site e24) has reported that they were able to come to an agreement, and Jay Z purchased the service before the 11 March deadline. No one's too sure what he plans to do with Aspiro yet, but we'll be sure to keep you updated when we (or he, even) figures it out.