Preluding the launch of the upcoming iPhone 7, which was the figurative spike in the coffin of the headphone jack for Apple, numerous headphone companies are quick to launch their brand new wireless headphones. Which is more good than not, because there's very little chance that Apple's wireless buds (the AirPods) aren't flimsy pieces of junk to start with.

For a better and cheaper alternative, standout headphone production company JLab has introduced its new Audio Flex Bluetooth Headphones. Running at $149 USD (for comparison, the new AirPods start at $159 USD), the Audio Flex Bluetooth Headphones are the second pair of over-the-ear headphones produced by JLab, but the first with a noise-cancellation feature.

The wireless headphones will provide 60 hours of noise-canceling playtime and 30 hours of Bluetooth playback. With the noise-cancellation on, the Bluetooth will provide 10 hours of playback. Currently, the headphones are offered in two shades: gunmetal and the red-white-and-blue combo seen above, which is available today.