"Do you remember when MTV played music videos? I really miss that type of discovery," says Jessica Straker, the creator behind non-stop video streaming service JuiceVCR. Designed by antipattern studio, the service does the legwork for the user, finding well-done - and often odd - under-the-radar videos for the more musically curious explorers.

The discovery method is significantly less refined than the works of larger streaming companies like Spotify or Rdio, which tracks individual listener's habits down to a creepy core. Rather, JuiceVCR throws that user-friendly caution into the fire and seeks out the more adventurous types, bringing any unheralded music videos forward to the listener with only pause and skip options available currently. Countless services give total control in this regard to the user, so this tactic may seem immediately unfriendly, but often the best music is completely thrust upon its listener unsuspectingly.

"You know those times when you stumble into a weird and wonderful sub-culture on YouTube?" Straker asks. "There's so much stuff you might never get 'recommended' - I wanted to bring back that vibe of coming across something again in the way only traditional mediums could do it."

Several somewhat well-known names will appear during streams, such as Ariel Pink and members of Stones Throw Records, but most will likely be total unknowns. Venture into JuiceVCR now and follow the project on Twitter today.

Via: It's Nice That