The daily pain of trying to work anywhere - whether in a suburban coffee shop or on the street in a city - is a well-traveled venture. Fortunately, products like Karma Go can help lessen that annoying normalcy with its pocket-sized Wi-Fi hotspot, making almost anywhere workable.

The product simply works by converting the user's 4G data into Wi-Fi, easing costs and the aforementioned annoyance of trying to find reliable service in non-conventional areas. At home, Karma Go can connect to any service that receives Wi-Fi as well. The standard battery life is around six hours with 220 hours of stand-by battery. Download speeds usually come in at 6-8 MBPS, topping at around 25. Those wishing to grab one today will get 50 free GB's of LTE data for the first month. Head over to TNW for more specs and pricing details.