On the small side, the Koss SP330 is easy to dismiss for its unsubstantial looks. But weighing in at a price of $130, how does it sound?

The SP330 comes in a simple box and with a simple case. A simple audio-only cable measuring 4.5 feet is also included. Design wise, the headphone is light and comfortable, with a plastic or rubber build and aluminum extenders. Despite the small on-ear cup design, they feel like a pocket of air resting gently on my head.

These headphones feature a frequency range of 20-25000 hertz, and a nominal impedance of 32 ohms.

Sound-wise, they offer an accurate and inclusive soundstage that pleasing throughout the frequency range, with plenty of detail in the mids. Whereas most on-ear headphones in this price range tend to opt for a bass-heavy sound, the Koss SP300 is a breath of fresh air. Well suited for a wide range of music tastes, I found it only a little bit lacking when playing some electronic music - where some extra bass would be appreciated. Conversely, I was amazed at how well it handled classical and acoustic stuff, and if you're looking for a detailed, portable model for long listening sessions, this is the headphone I would recommend.

Compared to the slightly more expensive Ultrasone GO, the Koss SP330 is a bit lighter and just a tad less detailed in the highs and lows. But the mids have no comparison. There may also be a little less distortion on the SP330.

If bass is your ace, forget this particular model and consider the cheaper Sennheiser Urbanite headphone, or the more expensive, premium, and dynamic Jays U-Jays.

Carroll Moore is a Tech lover and audiophile headphone enthusiast, photographer and writer for the likes of Audio46.