In a world that is constantly creating newer and bolder ideas to advance every day life, sometimes the most simplistic creations are the ones that stick out the most. Nelson, created by Maxime Castelli at the ECAL (École cantonale d'art de Lausanne in Renens, Switzerland), can help simplify life more, creating a tiny robotic helper designed to do one and only one task - move back and forth.

The tiny object works seamlessly with a user's Wi-Fi connected devices, moving a tiny rod back and forth that can be used for a variety of functions (as demonstrated in the video below), from steeping tea to turning a house fan on. Completed with the assistance of Arthur Didier, the functionality is based around the Arduino, an open-sourced electronics platform that's connected to the Wi-Fi via a ESP-8266 module with a Servo motor.

Head to Castelli's website for more information on their variety of projects.