Chiptune, the genre populated by little-known favorites Anamanaguchi and even producers like Dan Deacon, is riddled in a not-so-mysterious aura of nostalgia based on its obvious early video game audio influences. Now, niche music creators can emulate the oh-so-lovable sounds of the early NES days thanks to a Kickstarter campaign from Arcano Systems LLC.

The Arcano MIDI Chiptune Synthesizer is a tiny, easily accessible micro-controller that allows the user to connect it to any MIDI keyboard or other MIDI instrument. The usability of the device is a significant plus, as it requires no programming but allows the user to easily hack in and create "custom waveforms, envelopes, software low-frequency oscillators, and PCM samples."

After creating three different versions of the now finished hardware and 15 different versions of the device software, Arcano creators have managed to perfectly encapsulate that elusive NES sound. Head to the official Kickstarter page to learn more about the internals of the device and the different pledge packages available. Pledges begin as low as $60. As well, check out a sample of the device performance below.