The internet truly shines brightest not when collaborative efforts bridge together and form amazing new societal and technological advancements, but rather when the raw power of the human mind works to make meandering boredom that much more enjoyable.

The newest cure for the boredom that ails us all is Typedrummer, an incredibly easy and addictive online interface that simply allows the user to type in words and converts it into various beats. Developer Kyle Stetz helms the project, who has previously created a system (on GitHub) that allows the dragging and dropping of audio sequences.

For his latest venture, Stetz gives spacious creative license to the user, allowing any forms of long or short sentences, even illegible gibberish, into several kinds of beats. The longer one plays with the system, the easier it becomes to decode what each key sequences. That is, of course, if one has the time to do such things.

Try it out here.

We ran the line "I don't let 'em play with me / I don't let 'em talk to me no kind of way" by Kanye through the app, and it turned out like this.