Somewhere along the line in technological advancement, the idea of things beginning to just float seems natural. While floating cars and shoes aren't quite here, yet, the floating record player actually is. And more than just novelty, the MAG-LEV Audio levitating turntable actually serves a purpose.

MAG-LEV Audio's Floating Turntable concept works by magnetism software embedded in the drive system. The purpose of which, other than just looking cool, actually delivers a smoother sound with less friction than other turntable systems. Pricing for the advanced system will be a bit of a setback, starting at $780 and going as high as $1,780 via the company's Kickstarter campaign. Those who opt for the $1,780 purchase will be given two Imitation Wood players.

Shipment of the MAG-Lev Audio Floating Turntables will begin in August of 2017 with the Kickstarter campaign expected to end next month. There's still a way to go, however, with MAG-LEV currently sitting at around $50,000 USD out of the necessary $300,000. Click here for more information on the product.