“If I wanted to get noticed, I had to be different,” Devin Graham explains in LG's latest Seriously Professional clip. He calls himself a "social media content creator," in his backwards hat and black hoodie, but really, he's an extreme videographer, editor, producer and the charismatic main man behind the fascinating Devin Super Tramp YouTube channel, which has garnered over 4 million subscribers for the type of shocking sports videos he's now known for - things like paddle board boxing and paintball warfare. But LG 21:9 UltraWide® Monitors just switched up his whole game.

“It's all about pushing the human boundaries, because you want to grab people's attention. Every time we work on a different project, it always blows my mind as far as the amazing talent out there," he says of his craft.

The adventurous antics and creative endeavors started when Devin was still in diapers and from then on, he realized that making videos was precisely what he was meant to do and since then, the extremist has been pushing himself and his videos to new heights. “Ever since I was a baby, I kid you not, I've been making movies. I was doing music videos with my siblings,” he says, “and then I got into making stop-motion Legos movies.” From Brigham Young University’s film school, he and a group of classmates formed the Super Tramp team and channel and began shooting their larger than life activities with the Glidecam.

“For us, it's all about figuring out what stories are going to connect with people. I always ask myself, ‘Is this something that I would want to watch?’ I feel that's what makes the best ideas, the things that connect with us when we were children,” Graham said.

Although innovative in their attempts to deliver quality boundary-pushing videos, Devin was always looking ahead for what was next and how to improve their vision. That all changed with the head SuperTramp sat down to edit his most recent video - a clip of extreme pogo riders - in Provo, Utah on LG's newest UltraWide® 21:9 monitors, which were created with designers, photographers, producers and other creative professionals in mind. With exceptional picture quality and innovative features, the monitors allowed Devin to edit his raw videos exactly how he shot them - pixel for pixel.

“For years, we've filmed everything at 16:9. Now, the camera technology is there, so we can shoot at 21:9. That's huge for us; now we can make it look like it was an actual movie," he said.

"When we go out on location, we're basically getting all the paints possible. Then we get into the editing room, and that's when we start painting and basically exposing that canvas we want to share with the rest of the world. We need the biggest canvas possible to tell those stories."

So with that, he headed out for "another day living the dream" with some of the world's best Pogo riders – Dan Mahoney, Dalton Smith, Nic Patino – to capture them bouncing off buildings and cliffs for the latest DevinSuperTramp video. Back in the studio, as they threw a football around, they used the LG 21:9 curved monitor to improve not only the quality of the radical sports clips but the quality of the team's post-production experience.

"We're editing on those monitors. We're doing sound design on those monitors. We're color correcting on those monitors. Everything we're doing within the post-production, it all happens in the exact same place because we have to work so efficiently," he said. “It just makes things so much easier and so much faster, because the technology is getting so much better.” And so are the videos.