When long-time music industry members Daniel Knowles and Jennifer Farmer (the former a member of shoegaze outfit Amusement Parks on Fire) gravitate towards childhood memories, it came down to a few seminal gifts that many like them share. For Knowles, the Grease soundtrack. And for Farmer, a pink Bon Jovi tape. While Knowles was more formally known as a musician, Farmer found her way as an industry expert, working in talent buying, promotion, and more behind-the-scenes. How that led to the creation of Mi Vida Vintage, a high-end furniture and design firm, isn't directly evident in their career trajectories, but it was a clear passion.

Three years after forming Mi Vida Vintage, Knowles and Farmer have introduced a genuine gem of vinyl-tapped nostalgia with the LUNO EGB2 Record Console. Seen above, the console is molded after the styles of larger record furniture of the post-WWII 1950s and '60s. And for any Mad Men fans, what would a large piece of any kind of furniture be without a bar somehow attached?

Crafted in the U.S. with its own custom gold-rimmed glasses, the LUNO EGB2 also contains a surprisingly powerful sound system. The piece's custom two-way speaker system comes complete with a separate 100w enclosed subwoofer for extra bass, three-band tone control, and wireless Apple and AirPlay compatibility. Spacing isn't an issue either, considering the structure has enough storage for 150 physical records.

Head over to the LUNO website to get a deeper look at the EGB2, and contact Knowles and Farmer with more inquiries. The company is also running a "Vinyl Of The Month Club," with this month's feature - Rain Dogs by Tom Waits.