The minor inconveniences of the digital age are usually in line not with constant problems, rather, which ones haven't been fixed yet. Any regular mobile phone user has had the idea of cordless charging come to mind before, and yet we slobs are still waiting for the lucky day where we don't have to panic on the train to work.

Camden, England native Robin Lee faced this plight last week, July 10th, and was promptly arrested for it.

Electric sockets for the London Overground train are specifically detailed to be of use for cleaning personnel. Lee, however, used one in an attempt to charge his iPhone, leading to a situation with a police community support officer. Lee was arrested and quickly "de-arrested" according to his custody record, but then after things escalated between Lee and the PCSA, he was "further arrested."

According to Wired, Lee post the custody record on his Twitter page and attempted to contact numerous local news agencies, but promptly deleted his posts.

"A British Transport Police spokesperson told the Evening Standard that officers were called to Camden Road station after Lee became 'aggressive' towards a PCSO when challenged about his use of a plug socket on an Overground train," the article states.

The case is currently being reviewed.