In one of the least expected stories of the day, English guitar amp company Marshall has debuted its surprising new product, the Marshall London smartphone.

The niche product unexpectedly is met with immediate reservation, but the actual device is built exclusively with select clientele in mind; i.e. - music junkies. According to Wired, the mobile is loaded with music-listener specific modifications. Included in the device, which runs on the Android Lollipop operating system is "a dedicated processor for high-resolution audio (including uncompressed FLAC files), a pair of headphone jacks built into it, some decent-looking Marshall Mode earbuds, a top-mounted button that quickly fires up the phone's music UI, a five-band global equalizer, and a scroll wheel for adjusting volume with precision while it's in your pocket." It also features a replaceable 2500mAh battery and a MicroSD storage slot.

The new product is hardly expected to compete on the global smartphone market, but there's an ever-increasing number of niche mobile devices specifically catered to a highly niche demographic in mind, like luxury mobile phone producer Vetru. The product has not yet been listed on the U.S. version of the Marshall site, but is expected to very soon. Pricing information is not yet available.