Admittedly, the concept of a toy robot being your companion was less BB8 and more like those early 2000s chrome dogs that were built exclusively to fall over. While waiting for the future, all we had were those lousy dogs and maybe a Roomba. Luckily, San Francisco-based start-up Anki has crafted a more modern, appealing robot buddy with Cozmo.

Designed specifically by professional animator Carlos Baena, who worked on WALL-E and Toy Story 3, Cozmo is a small, forklift-styled robot buddy built with unique variations that create a personal style and lifelike feel to its own personality. Cozmo features a small screen with noticeable, emotive big blue eyes that changes and reacts to the user and the environment around it, complete with personable and loving sounds.

Made of 300 different parts, the robot is uniquely more complex than its package may make it out to be. In the construction of Cozmo, the creators noted that its actual reactions aren't necessarily programmed, but more reactive to everything going on around it. Even when it gets bored, the user will see (it'll play pong with its eyes). Check out an inside look at Cozmo below and head to the Anki website for more information.