Several years ago, Bruno Zamborlin introduced the unique analog smartphone converter Mogees, which allowed users to make any object around them an "instrument" with a simple attachment device that measures the vibrations. Simply, attach a module to something like a desk, table, or pot, tap it, and Mogees picked up the frequency and turned it into more palatable sounds.

Now, nearly four years after its first successful Kickstarter campaign, Zamborlin has returned with a more up-to-date and accessible version with Mogees Play. The new version is more free and open, allowing even children to use its wonderful potential. Included in Play are three games: Pulse, Jam, and Keys. Each game allows users to build and understand melody, from the basics to advanced principles. As a bonus, the API is open too so developers have the opportunity to push the product's potential even further.

Check out an example of 'Play' below:

Head over to the Kickstarter campaign for more details on the project and pledging possibilities. Deliveries of Mogees Play are slated to begin as early as September.