Since 2013, Twitter-backed-startup company Muzik has been delivering small previews of what was expected to be one of the best high-end "smart" headphones on the market, but actual release of the anticipated wireless headphones was - in a word - slow. Finally, after years of waiting, Muzik has made its One readily available for order.

Like most high-end headphones, Muzik One will set the buyer back a couple hundred dollars - specifically $300 USD to start. The wireless, Bluetooth-connected headphones are unique in that they connect seamlessly through multiple social media services, which can be easily accessed through the control-panel on the sides of the headphones and the connected app service. The pair also works with voice-activation, meaning phone calls and messaging finally easy with an over-the-ear pair of headphones, rather than just buds. Muzik has said previously that it plans to launch a cheaper bud version soon after, at a less-steep price tag of $199 USD.

Orders for Muzik One can be made now on Amazon, which comes in three colors. The company also revealed its first commercial for One below. And - yes - that is that hot prisoner guy Jeremy Meeks with the teardrop tattoo. You know, the guy who went to jail for crimes.