Apple's reputation suffered a huge blow last month when the company admitted they intentionally slowed down iPhones with iOs upgrades in order to prevent issues with battery performance (devices that shut down unexpectedly, for example). However, despite their public apology and the offer of changing batteries from iPhone 6 up at a special price, there are many who became suspicious of the brand's motives entirely, with justice measures underway in some places (France has filed a huge lawsuit against the company).

The latest update of the ongoing story came from Apple CEO Tim Cook himself, who announced the latest update to iOS 11 will allow users to disable the battery performance feature on their device. "We’re going to give people the visibility of the health of their battery so it’s very, very transparent," he told ABC News. "This hasn’t been done before." This won't be a mandatory feature, however -- if the user doesn't want it, they can turn it off.

The new iOS 11 is expected in March.