Ah yes, the hypermodern fascination with past references and nostalgia...! With most technology advances and novelty gadgets based on vintage design (instead of the futuristic tendencies that became the norm in a post-war world), it's unavoidable that obsolete objects make a return in the form as new and improved versions of what we once begged our parents to have but for one reason or another were refused to us.

One of those is the famous Nokia "Banana phone" 8110, whose popularity reached its peak in the late nineties, mostly due to the Matrix. One of the biggest phone suppliers at the time, Nokia is now making a comeback through revamped versions of their classic models (the "new" 3310 was a hit last year), and the slightly curved 8110 will definitely be aiding in the process. Expected to be available in May for 80 euros, the new Banana phone comes in both black and yellow, runs on the Smart Feature OS (meaning no access to Android apps found in other Nokia smartphones), but it doesn't matter because the magic words are "REVAMPED SNAKE GAME."

Check out the video below.